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Why Use GMB Management Service?

Fun Fact: Google holds up to 92% of the search engine market share!


Now that you can reach out to millions of people, including your target audience, that too, using a free profile listing, wouldn’t you want to make the most out of it?

It is crucial for business owners to know that Google’s algorithm is getting smarter with every passing second. The same goes for Google My Business. Handling things as a new business owner while also spending tons of time keeping up with every new update and learning how to promote your business best every month gets pretty rough, which is why our Google My Business management service will be perfect for taking that load off your shoulders.

We have GMB experts who have years of experience helping brands dominate the Google ranking each month. With Brandix Soft, you will have the best of the best doing all the hard work for you!


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Brandix Soft has created a strong reputation for offering premium quality Google My Business Optimisation service. Contact us now!

Wide Range of GMB Optimisation Services that Brandix Offer

Keyword Research
Optimising your listing in a way that it reaches out to your target audience is crucial. One way to do that is keyword optimisation. Every piece of content that you put up in your listing should be structured to include keywords. We conduct thorough keyword research to create accurate, top-of-page listings.
Competitor Analysis
We begin by identifying and listing the competitors we should look out for. Then, we evaluate their listings to determine their current ranking and how we could outrank them. Next, we edit out the keywords that overlap with your business's target audience and compare them against others in similar verticals.
GMB Audit
We determine the status of your GMB listing using our step by step audit process. This fully helps us grasp where your business stands and how we can curate and successfully execute a campaign.
GMB Optimisation
As mentioned before, you're legit missing out on leads if your business listing isn't optimised. But don't worry; we'll give your business an edge over the competition by maximising GMB features to tailor your listing expertly.
GMB Management
In addition to designing and executing the entire campaign, we will efficiently manage your GMB listing so that it's up-to-date for brand-new customers visiting your business.
Review Responses
Responding to customer reviews, good or bad, gives the impression that you genuinely care about your customers and value their opinion. Customer service experts at Brandix Soft take on this responsibility and leave your prospects satisfied.

Google My Business Is A Powerful Marketing Solution For Your Business.

A GMB listing is a million-dollar lottery ticket, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs. A GMB profile allows you to attach your business details, including location, pictures, products, and services. Creating this free profile is an easy, not to mention effective way to make your way into all Google services, including Google maps, Google searches, shopping, etc.


A GMB listing ensures that you appear in the search engine results of your target audience while also impacting your local SEO. You can post updates regarding your work hours and holidays you’re not operational on, expansions, and temporary shutdowns.


As much as ranking higher in local search results establishes credibility, the social proof and reviews by real customers further add to building trust for your brand.


Increase Customers With A Content Rich Google My Business Listing

With a well-managed and targeted GMB listing, your brand will come across as trustworthy and credible, just the outlook you’re aiming for! Once the customers start trusting your brand, they are more likely to engage and connect. Especially with all the engagement opinions Google My Business allows, users can easily interact with all your posts, promotions, live updates, etc. In addition to the increased visibility among multiple platforms, it allows you to establish your business as a credible authority in front of your target audience. Which results in just what you were aiming for – increased conversions!

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Why Work With Us?

There are many companies that offer GMB optimisation services, but Brandix Soft is a name you can rely on for premium services. Take a look at the factors that set us apart from others.

Increase Visibility

With proper planning and execution of a well-targeted strategy, clients will most likely see results within the first 2-3 months of work completion. More likes, more followers, more orders, and things start getting bigger and better!

Monthly Reporting

Brandix Soft believes in utmost transparency while dealing with clients. With our regular monthly reports, you'll have first-hand access to all the data analytics to see how your optimised GMB listing has been impacting sales and revenue.

More Customer Reviews

An optimised and well-managed GMB listing allows customers to share their reviews or experiences about your brand. With Brandix Soft's managers hard at work, most customers will be encouraged to leave reviews.

Protect Brand Reputation

With a platform with as much exposure as Google, you can give your brand the outlook you want to present to your target audience! With our digital marketing experts, you won't have to put in work to make your brand look 'good.'

Listing Interactions

With the 'ideal' GMB listing, most users with your business who appear in the search results will end up interacting one way or the other. This leads to establishing brand-customer trust.

Increase Conversion

'Conversion' in marketing means that your user has responded to your call of action, giving your brand the leads it needs.


Why GMB Is Impactful

GMB optimisation services can benefit your business in more than one way. Take a look at the reasons that make it so impactful among other digital marketing services.

Free and Easy

A GMB listing is like a brand profile that allows you to connect with customers across Google platforms. Not only is it easy to set up but accessible too. Hence, if you're a new business owner looking for marketing opportunities, this is it!


Whether online or offline, a GMB listing will help you stand out and ensure that your target audience finds you. A well-researched and keyword-rich listing can quickly help your business land in the top three search results where your business name and details will be prominent.

Mobile Friendly

Local Google searches are generally made from smartphones or tablets, creating visibility for mobile searches critical. With that, GMB plays a vital role as these listings dominate the search results, increasing business visibility.

Increase Clicks

With increased visibility and a strong brand, personality comes engagement from users.

Website Views

Your business website is a part of your GMB listing. As a result of increased engagement and user interaction, more traffic will automatically be driven back to your website.

Review Function

By allowing customers to leave reviews and ratings of their experiences with a business, GMB provides valuable feedback for both the business owner and potential customers.

Gain Large Amounts Of Exposure In Your Local Area With Our Google My Business Service

Setting up the GMB profile for your business is the first step toward winning local SEO. Google My Business is undoubtedly one of the most powerful ways of boosting local SEO. Take the first step towards enhancing your business’s online presence – immediately create and optimise your GMB listing!

Grow your online visibility using the right SEO strategy, especially on your GMB profile. Entrust your brand’s online marketing with a full-service digital marketing agency with experience curating effective and successful campaigns that produce results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started with my GMB Management service?

Brandix Soft makes the booking process easy and hassle-free for its customers. To get started, you have to request a callback, and our experts will get back to you with a strategy session where we will analyse your GMB listing and local rankings.

2. Do you guarantee results?

With our Google My Business management services, you can amplify your presence on all Google services and increase engagement, leading to more conversions. Since dozens of factors are involved in getting a visitor to convert, we cannot promise any leads. However, we are confident that your work will result in increased interest from local prospects and potential customers.

3. How much do your Google My Business services cost?

Our GMB experts spend time curating strategies to improve and manage your monthly listing. Once our initial review is completed, our experts advise you on what needs to be done, including the hours we’ll invest in your GMB. Even though we are moderately priced, specific plans are devised according to our client’s needs. Plus, we always try to cater to your budget!

4. Where does my GMB listing display?

Once set up, your profile will be visible across all Google services, including maps and shopping, which includes all apps and mobile and web browsers. In Google search, you will see your listing appear in what is commonly known as the local pack.

5. What influences my listing in Google search and Maps?

Several factors will influence your ranking in Google, including:

  1. The proximity of the user: Google prefers and ranks the businesses near the user higher in the search results.
  2. The quality of your listing – Google analyses everything about your business – photos, videos, working hours, and locations. Adding every bit of information about your band establishes you as a credible one in front of Google and your prospects.
  3. Responsiveness: Google notes you reply to your messages, questions, and reviews.
  4. Google considers the overall quality of the listing, the average star rating, and how good your customer reviews are.

6. Should I use Google My Business if I don't have a business shop front?

Yes – you can still create a GMB profile even if your business includes customers traveling to your physical location and vice versa. This means that even if you’re a service area business, you can still benefit from Google My Business. However, if your business is purely online, Google advises you against using a GMB account.

7. Should I Google My Business profile for each location?

Yes! Since each of your branches, even if they belong to the same brand, is located in a different location, they will need separate listings. To make things easy, you can create them all under the same Gmail account. Additionally, if your business has 10+ stores, you can use a bulk location tool to add, edit, and manage multiple locations.

8. Can the public make changes to my GMB listing?

Yes- this feature is mainly for business owners who do not keep their information updated. Google can rely on crowdsourcing to get better info. Since it is open to editing for all, people might accidentally or even purposely change business information, which can disadvantage you. This is why it is vitally important to stay on top of the updates and any changes to your profile to make sure that you can rectify incorrect information quickly.

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