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Achieve the results you want with our WordPress speed optimisation service. We aim to make your site load in less than 2s.

Speed Up Your Site: WordPress Optimisation Made Easy!

WordPress Speed Optimisation Service

Want to enhance your ranking, user experience, and overall website quality by improving its website speeds? Brandix Soft can help!

We provide different website optimisation service plans that will help maximise your performance in terms of load speeds. For further information, contact our experienced strategists and come up with a tailored plan for your website.



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Benefits of Speed Optimisation

Some of the things where website speed can have an impact are:
Search Engine Rankings
Search engines like Google consider website loading times as a significant factor while ranking websites. Hence, it is essential for it to be optimised. The more quickly your page loads, the better it is for your site’s SEO, improving your chances of ranking higher and gaining more traffic.
Lower Bounce Rate
Users will love your website if you give them instant gratification with rapid results on what they’re looking for. Not only will they stay on your page for longer, but avoid bouncing back to your competitor sites, which, trust me, can harm your website’s ranking and performance more than you could imagine.
Leads, Conversions, and Revenues
With improved rankings, faster loading times, and more people staying on your site, you can increase the chances of converting a higher volume of users while they continue to use your site. Over time, you will witness a positive impact on your sales and revenue.

Website Speed Optimisation Services from Brandix Soft

Working over hundreds of projects, our web engineers have developed a rugged process to deal with website optimisation. Here’s what some of its elements look like:

  • Optimising Images – Cutting, editing, and compressing your pictures – all of it is done without sacrificing the quality of your content. We also take care of all the images you upload in the future using auto-compress.
  • Minify Javascript and CSS – We pay attention to all the styles and scripts, minimising and compressing them, incorporating expiring headers, and relocating styles to the page head while placing scripts in the footer.
  • Render Blocking Resources – We move all the data files, such as Javascript, CSS, and Google fonts, to a place where they will no longer affect your users’ loading speeds and visual elements.
  • Removing Query Strings – URLs ending with question marks indicate that they’ve not been cached. We seize this opportunity to optimise them and top off your load speeds.
  • Enable Compression – Enabling Gzip compression from your main server means lower loading times and an overall faster website.
  • Leverage Browser Caching – We set an updated version of your site that has already been saved. This way, when a user visits your website, they will be led to faster loading cached version, instead of waiting for the entire website to load.
  • Reviewing Server Response Time – Oftentimes, the issue of slow-loading websites stems from hosting with an inadequate server. We constantly monitor your hosting provider’s resources and services and inform you of any inadequacies.

A Firm That Scales With You

With Brandix Soft and its WordPress speed optimisation service, you don’t have to worry about scaling and wondering if we can handle it. From providing regular backups to preventing any security breaches, our firm can take it all, no matter the size of your website.


Some additional perks of working with us include:

Unlimited Website Edits – Your dedicated technical team will make as many changes to your website as you need.

Weekly Updates – Everything from your themes to plugins and core files will be updated weekly, more often if necessary, during low-traffic hours to reduce user inconvenience and backlogs.

WordPress Backups – Cloud backups of all the core files are fully managed with our dedicated backup service, so you never lose your data again.

24/7 Emergency Support – Your website is checked more than a thousand times every day! If something goes wrong, we are always on the watch to take action instantly.

WordPress Speed Optimisation FAQs

How to know if my website needs help?

Start by checking your bounce rate and conversion trends. If the bounce rates are high and conversions are low, it is most likely due to a slow-loading website, and Brandix Soft can help you with it. There are plenty of services included in each of our optimisation plans that can help fix your website speeds from scratch and perform to their maximum potential.

How much does site speed optimisation cost?

The cost for each service plan can vary based on the experience, tools, and accessibility for different agencies. This also depends on your website’s quality, industry, and size. At Brandix Soft, we offer a variety of pricing plans, all very affordable, varying for websites of different scales and needs.

Is there a difference between site speed and page speed?

Yes. Although both of these terms refer to how quickly a page loads, there’s a small technical difference between the two. Where page speed concerns the time taken to load a specific page, site speed measures how quickly your entire website loads. Site speed is more of a generalised term, used more commonly, often synonymous with page speed.

Will I face downtime while you work on my website?

No. Initially, we work in the background only. Then, we create a preview model with a separate URL that exists independently while the live site works the same. After all the necessary changes are made and approved on your end, we run manual and automatic tests before making it live to prevent any disturbances whatsoever.

Will the mobile website speed increase as well?

Absolutely. Our service includes optimising your site to maximise performance on mobile phones as well.

How do I get started?

To get started on our WordPress speed optimisation service, you can speak to our strategists via email or call, and we can kick off your journey to an effortlessly functioning website instantly.

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