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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing, a type of digital marketing, use social media platforms to increase brand awareness, build a following, and drive traffic to your website to increase sales ultimately. With over a total of 4 billion social media users, social media marketing poses the perfect opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs to establish their brand and appeal to the target audience, which is already there.


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Online Exposure
With our targeted social media advertising campaigns, there will be a significant improvement in your brand endorsement. Marketing on social media platforms can help you increase word of mouth and referrals, directly affecting your website traffic and sales.
Audience Targeting
Performing customer research, plugging in different demographics, and tailor-made advertisement campaigns help you reach out to your target audience. Data on customer behavior, activities, and click-through rates help us modify our brand outlooks to target people who seem interested in your product/service.
Brand Reputation
With complete control over your branding, budget, content, and marketing, you can create an image of your brand that appeals to your target audience and comes across as reliable.
Social media is such a tool that it has enormous untapped potential, particularly for small businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition to the unlimited prospects from across the globe, it is also most cost-effective to showcase your brand to your ideal client without spending a huge amount of money.
High Rankings
With targeted social media content marketing on each platform, you increase your chances of ranking higher on search results. The more media channels you share your content across, the more likely your business will rank higher.
Customer Reach
A web index study shows that around 49% of customers depend on influencers on social media platforms when buying a product. A quality product/service paired with our social media marketing services will improve and position your company in front of the right audience.

Are Digital And Social Media Marketing Essential to Business?

Yes, to state the obvious. It doesn’t matter if you’re a locally-owned business or a multinational corporation, your brand needs an online presence, and we cannot stress this enough.

Digital marketing is way more than just raising brand awareness or driving revenue. A well-organized, effective marketing campaign can showcase your brand’s true potential and appeal to potential customers who are most likely to convert. Combined with social media and other outlets of marketing, you can maximize reach and, in turn, conversion opportunities.

Understanding that both digital and social marketing plays a vital role in promoting your business is crucial. While other platforms can showcase your formal outlook, social media can tell your brand story and how it grows and give a chance for people to engage, communicate and connect. The key, however, is to ensure that each part of your marketing campaign aligns with your brand objective.


How Effective Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media has become more of a marketplace where you can optimize and digitally advertise your brand. With more than half of the world’s population on the internet, your brand exposure reaches its maximum potential compared to any other form of televised marketing.

Studies show that around 50% of social media users are likely to buy products and brands they see advertised. Would you like to lose out on this massive chunk of prospects? Cause your competitors sure wouldn’t! As of 2022, more than 90% of businesses use social media marketing to reach out to their target audience – including your competitors.

Part of the reason ads on social media are much more effective than other platforms is that they are tailored to your audience’s interest. Additionally, most of them are interactive, so users get a chance to engage with the brand’s content, forcing the algorithm to help pave the way for your products to end up in the user’s cart.

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Why Choose “BRANDIX” for Your Social Media Marketing

Partnering up with the most experienced players in social media service, Brandix has an advantage that will take your business to new heights of success. With our transparency levels, you can see first-hand outcomes in executing effective strategies that increase online revenue.

Partner up with our social media marketing agency and enjoy the following:

Value for Money – Spending loads of money on a social media marketing agency retainer is similar to buying a fan without gas. At Brandix, we don’t need you to do that! The only money you’ll spend is on the market cost of service and any additional costs spent on advertisements. And with that, we can guarantee the results that will directly impact sales.

Customized strategy – Brandix social media services are designed to fit your budget and requirements. Our social media marketing experts map out your target audience and design the brand outlook to appeal to them. Using data and analytics, we constantly modify and improve our campaign.

No Surprises – We believe in complete transparency in dealing with our clients. Everything from strategies, modification, advertisements, and all other deliverables are run by you first. We ensure that we are on the same page before starting off to ensure a seamless line of work.


Do's Of Social Media Marketing

The use of social media for your business is different from how you use it in your routine life. Here are the dos of social media marketing you should know:

Inject Personality

Have a clear brand voice across all platforms. Make sure your customers feel like they are ongoing with a person, not a robot behind the screen.

Engage With Audience

Social media is about being social. So, create new posts, check comments and respond to them, add stories, create reels, follow the latest trends, reply to your direct messages and answer queries.

Be consistent

Always be regular with your posts, advertisements, and other nitty-gritty to keep your followers updated with fresh content.

Proofread Your Posts

- Be very careful and check everything twice before you post it on your socials - and this goes for everything you say online.

Include Visuals In Posts

Posting images and videos online can double your engagement. However, make sure that they represent and fit your brand's aesthetic.

Post Across Channels

Keeping one or two social media platforms up to date isn't enough. Make sure to represent your brand on every platform possible to maximize your reach.


Dont's Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing etiquette for businesses also includes some “don’ts.” Take a look at them:

Spam Your Followers

Liking, commenting, and retweeting are excellent! But make sure you don't do it too much. No user wants their feed to be filled with 20 posts of the same account.

Ask Too Much

The number one rule is to give more than you take. Always asking for too much can make you come across as selfish and needy.

Overuse Hashtags

adding appropriate hashtags where they work is acceptable. However, using them excessively (like #writingsentencesinhashtags) can be spammy and ineffective.

Buying Followers

The number one NO-DO thing while building your brand on social media is buying engagement - be it likes, followers, or even comments!

Beg for Attention

Don't request your followers to ``please share`` or friends to ``retweet`` your posts excessively. Do accomplish those tasks, but be strategic and earn it by posting share-worthy content!

Reposting Content

Now, would you want to listen to someone talk about the same thing 10 times in a row? Of Course not! So why would our followers? Avoid sharing the exact text or posting again and again. Instead, try rewording the whole thing and editing its visuals.

Is Being Active On Social Media Platforms Important To Your Business?

If you have been on social media, you likely have come across a business and interacted with it several times – especially if it’s a brand you like! This constant online engagement leads to a connection between the brand and its customers. The same goes for your target audience. But the question is, how do you build that brand-customer trust? This is where our social media marketing services come into play.

Our targeted campaign aims to build brand awareness and a solid social media presence that eventually helps establish brand trust amongst customers, benefitting your business over time. Let’s look at some statistics from social media outlets to see how social media impacts a business like yours.

  • 66% of Facebook users claim they follow a brand they like or use on this platform
  • 53% of twitters users say they end up buying a product they first discovered via Twitter
  • 89% of online marketers claim that Instagram is a highly effective social media platform for influencer marketing
  • 90% of Instagram users say they follow a business page they like which roughly translates to increased engagement and likelihood of purchasing something from that brand.
  • Ninety million Linkedin users are huge influencers, while 63 million hold decision-making positions.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why should I use social media marketing for my business?

Social media platforms are being used by millions of people daily, and, likely, the majority of your target audience is already scrolling through your competitors’ ads. Not being on social media can cause a lack of brand representation but also cause a miss out on a huge chunk of exposure and visibility by prospects

2. What social media platforms should I use?

There are a couple of factors that you need to take into account while signing up for social media platforms. Firstly, research the platforms your target audience prefers. Armed with this insight, optimize each component of your campaign in a way that appeals to your potential customer, increasing the likelihood of engagement. Moreover, consider the products and services you offer and choose a platform that best suits your branding and message.

3. How can I increase my followers?

When we talk about increasing followers, we are referring to potential customers. Gaining increased visibility or engagement from an irrelevant audience is not the goal. When a social media marketing campaign is crafted effectively, the organic growth of a business in terms of followers is inevitable. You will witness targeted ads, well-researched posts, resourceful content, captivating visuals, and platform best practices do their job and increase quality traffic. So, avoid buying followers or any other unethical tactics to boost your following because that will be of little or no help to your revenue or brand image at the end of the day.

4. What is the difference between an ad and a post on social media?

A post on social media is sharing information with your followers organically. However, an ad is a paid advertisement optimized using target demographics and interests to ensure it reaches your ideal customer.

5. How often should I post on social media?

The “too much” or “too less” in posting content entirely depends on the social channels referred to. Each platform has different parameters to be met for you to optimize them in a way that helps your brand. And a good social media manager is well aware of the best practices for each platform (another reason you would need a social media marketing agency). If you’re planning on handling the socials yourself, research the frequency and length of your posts and the best time to publish them on each platform.

6. How to manage social media marketing as a business owner?

Setting up an effective social media campaign has many components. Managing them while keeping things up and running at ‘work’ can be daunting. We recommend using social media management tools to help you keep track of things. They will bring all assets into one place, assisting you in managing it all productively. You can also use planning tools that allow the automation of future posts.

7. How much does social media marketing cost?

If you’re planning to handle all parts yourself, it costs you time (for the most part). It takes time to research social media platforms, best practices, craft optimized content, community engagement, and more. However, if you get a marketing agency to do it for you, actual costs come in. Then too, the amount you spend on advertisement entirely depends upon how much budget you can put aside for it. It isn’t costly (it also depends from vendor to vendor), but the more you spend, the better results you’ll get.

8. Why should I hire you?

Here at Brandix Soft, we offer exceptional social media marketing services that guarantee results. Our custom designed, not to mention strategically effective campaigns increase visibility and reach out to your target audience, resulting in better engagements, conversions, and ultimate business growth.

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